About Us

5th YESummit, 5-10 February 2021 Fostering 1st Generation Entrepreneurs

YESummit  brings 1st generation rural, tribal and urban  entrepreneurs together to  equip them to learn the nuances of idea generation,  business plan, help them to do market study and  explore business opportunities and finally to provide counseling to link with banks and start up eco-system in the country and abroad.

During the last 3 years we have demonstrated that if adequate mentoring and guidance provided, the people from lower strata of society can become job creators. Already 100s of such businesses are already in place in Maharashtra and Chhttisgarh , Kerala and many more will follow soon.

We strongly believes that idea should be allowed to be blossomed, nurtured and mentored so that they stand up to wealth and job creation in society contributing to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) No 8, i.e., to generate employment and economic growth and SDG No.10 to reduce inequalities by reaching to people, who are mostly outside of development initiatives.

Therefore we are aiming at  building a network of 10,000 1st generation entrepreneurs by 2030 with an average investment of Rs 50,000 resulting with a minimum Rs 10,000 per month earning while contributing to 10,000 additional jobs.

  • Do you have an idea to build micro businesses or social enterprises?
  • Are you looking for mentorships and guidance to build business?
  • Get informed about how to build successful businesses or enterprise
  • We will select Best 150 ideas from 7 categories for 4 days Entrepreneurs Summit in Pune where you will get 1st class guidance and meet excellent innovators and mentors.
  • Never miss this opportunity.
  • Last date to submit your dream idea is 30th Nov 2019